Eight days


there is iron in the stone there.

it rusts; the water stains


the desire for knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

awareness of a problem is the first step to solving it.


agonizing & considering, considering, considering

can find you analyzing six ways from Thursday,

but leave you answerless.


be patient: every day with the slip of the moon

the tide changes, the earth shifts and sighs

with pleasure

at the knowledge that her waves are moving into their appointed places.


in the end, no one else can be brave for you,

no one can make it simple for you.

put my name in for yours here;

this is selfish writing


truth is not beautiful.

it is painful in the way of anticipated injury: holding

a knife in one hand, preparing for the cut

that moment before hurting as much as the moment after.


here. silence spreads.


the stain of water rusts in grooves. the stone 

has softer places where the rust has corroded away

leaving a rock more lived in the changing

and losing of itself.